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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 21:00:58
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Your photos are stunning, just gorgeous. I love truffles, and have been gathering my ingredients for a truffle making day this week. I've never heard of the Late Night Toy Show, I'm going to look it up, sounds fun!

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 19:17:31
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BagodonuttiOK, I am only interested in when these cards were printed and which of these cards “predictions” came to fruition? That would prove that this is a well thought trough plan carried out by these Illumini satanists.911 and this virus stuff was clearly planned way back. The satanists believe they have to tell you some way or the other up front about their wicked plans and so they do.

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 18:12:22
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and spent like drunken Sandra flukes and its Bush’s fault…Credit is always given when it's not deserved and blame placed where it doesn't belong.

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 18:09:30
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Porrbyxor. Man ser vad man vill se kanske du kan hälsa honom? ;-)Grymt jobbat förresten! Jag klarar inte EN fri dip (än)…. Haha!

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 14:55:30
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What is Mason talking about? Union members aren't even represented in the NDP caucus of 4.The Strongest Union representation in the Legislature is from the Liberals - led by Edmonton Gold Bar MLA Hugh MacDonald. Hes's been the strongest voice for workers since being elected in 1997. Go Hugh!

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 14:43:05
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Bitte schön, gern geschehen! Und ja du hast wohl Recht, man kann Google+ nicht mit Twit­ter ver­gle­ichen. Und Twit­ter wird immer meine primäre Spiel­wiese bleiben. See you!

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 14:26:39
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That’s a great gesture and beautiful little pack. Poignant. My Dad died suddenly just a month ago from cancer. He was only 68yrs. Ugh! Yes, sadly many of us are touched by cancer. It’s a cruel disease.

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 14:12:04
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My Dad used to say "nobody is completely worthless, if nothing else you can always serve as a bad example". Seems an appropriate description of the majority of our political class.

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 11:34:02
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So fast, autumn already! Wow, just a blink of an eye a year gone by. That also means X'mas is not fas ahead. haha.... Your pumpkin salad looks incredible. Have a wonderful autumn & enjoy your day.Cheers, Kristy

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 09:07:07
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You look great in all the outfits, so appropriate for some fun and rest in the sun. Great job putting them together for so little money! I still love that Betsey Johnson dress the most!

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 08:45:45
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It's impossible to imagine a socialism without a Gulag, an Auschwitz, or an NHS that routinely euthanises patients it deems unworthy of treatment (and then subsequently blamed on hegemonic capitalist starvation of resources).

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 07:37:39
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but to be honest i have seen lot’s of things good and bad but mainly good! no matter what the team work was great and the service user’s were looked after to the best we were aloud.. to many pen pusher’s laying down the law.. stopping the workers doing there job.. but all in all i loved working and miss it. the workers and the service user’s..

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 07:18:54
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oh wow I didn’t know they did day adventures but will definitely book something special come next pay day! Maybe not the yacht + powerboat experience because it’ll be FREEZING out on the water next month lolAs a fellow *23* year old I agree, we need to let down our hair once in a while!

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 06:42:33
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I make a lot more than $50 hour. And anyone who has you tutor them shouldn't be taking the MCAT.Fifth: Wrong.Sixth: That was actually pretty good. But wrong.Seventh: I will continue to give you shit as long as you claim a title you do not have. Eighth: You will never be a doctor.

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 02:31:45
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A woman could demand to keep the finances separate if her husband is a spendaholic and she's a saver. Although better advice is not to marry someone who does not agree with you about money.

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 01:32:59
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Kochblockaden????FROSTA hat mich gerettet!!!!!Mein Mann arbeitet im ausland über Ostern war ich zu besuch…nur 2 funktionierende Herdplatten im Moment bis wir ein neues zu Hause gefunden haben…eine Katastrophe!FROSTA hat uns gerettet!!! Denn es gab eine Riesenauswahl an FROSTA Produkten……es hat super lecker geschmeckt ging ganz einfach zu kochen ohne viel Aufwand! Einfach nur genial…wenn man keine Kreative Blockade hat sondern von dem Umfeld blockiert ist

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 00:59:13
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Great Interview! Before these pics surfaced I had no idea so many women were suffering like naomi…just sad. I’m looking for a new stylist here in the DMV so I might have to give Nakia a call!

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 00:52:37
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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 00:39:19
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If you look carefully, the italicized paragraph cited is a continuation not from MacArthur's words, but from the "self-styled growth expert" whose counsel he does not advocate. Therefore, what is ironic is that the cultural stiffness cited is actually not MacArthur's words but somebody else entirely.

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sob, 2 czerwiec 2018 00:25:38
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Elizabeth,Posted on the CFTiP site (and in a message) that letter I had sent you a while back in response to some stuff on Bee a Critic. Since you so bravely broke the ice, I decided to post it.

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