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Okay, now I've gotten four visits to this page from people in Estonia...Please, Estonians, leave a comment!!!Tell me what you think of my fabulous idea to visit your country and write funny stories about all of the hilarious adventures I would have there. :D

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Haha, it's okay I'm really enjoying your mooncake series. Good thing you share this because I have never seen this kind before and I actually prefer these flaky ones! Love the use of yam!

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THE ANONYMOUS 0  0TOLL GEMACHT.Alles gut in Szene gesetzt und die Effekte können sich auch sehen lassen.Musik ebenfalls gut gewählt.Lob von und für Videomacher.

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I’m here too. Watching the numbers and praying. I really hate when they call a state when only 1% has been reported. Please keep praying! I must remind myself to accept God’s will. There has been so much fraud, machines flipping votes, intimidation, Somalians bussed to vote, people bragging they’ve voted five times. It is a sad commentary. I will continue to pray for R& R . Please join me.

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Ååååå jag vill så gärna träffa er, har ju jul lov nu. Men vi får ses sen när ni är friska. Tuva ser ut att må bättre nu å det är ju jätte bra. Kram till er

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Bonjour,La MAJ n’est pas bloquée !Vous devez vous trouvez actuellement en et vous ne pouvez pas mettre à jour votre mobile vers !Cordialement,

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Utente Anonimo18/04/2012Devo fare prima di tutto i complimenti nuovo e utile per quanto è in grado di fare. La newsletter di nu per me non è mai banale. Quando la vedo nella mia posta gode sempre del privilegio della prima lettura.Questa storia di Tobia mi ha emozionato e fatto sognare. Grazie Antonio Tambasco

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What drives me crazy is the inability to change column names, order and data type. Also nearly everything you do in ArcGIS produces another feature class. Before long there are so many new FCs that you lose track of whats what. Programs like MapInfo apply changes to the FC itself without generating a copy. Without this, editing polygons or polylines are nearly impossible (I do all my editing in MapInfo then import it).

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one word that is not approved by Axelrod, Jerrett and Obama. Oh BTW, Trumps' best friend, computer expert and golf buddy told him the PDF BC is a forgery ......over a year ago. Trump is well aware that Obama is a fraud but he uses him for juicy money connections. That last casino deal contract got Trump 120 million dollars.

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Is this actually up and running yet?I've tried to convert my site, but neither Google.com is indexing my pages or is FetchAsGoogleBot converting #! links to _escaped_fragment_=Its hard to tell if I'm doing something wrong, or is Google not indexing my site for another reason.I supplied a sitemap full of #! two weeks ago so I would have thought some would have been indexed :-/

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So far I am really enjoying the on/off of the smart cover. I haven’t played around enough with the camera and video option, hope to do so this week. I have been really busy since I bought it last Thursday almost too busy to fully set it up. I need to explore more some of the photo editing apps. That new feature saved me hours of setup ! I haven’t organized into folders yet,because I may decide to go back and get the 64.

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You should give it a shot, what makes my skin crawl might not hit your creep buttons. Privacy invasion gives me the heebies, but hey, thousands of Twilight fans thought it was romantic. That’s kind of what I love about books, everyone gets to have their own interpretation.

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None. The Music Industry is dying. There are far more wannabes than there are jobs available.If you insist, Belmont University (in Nashville) offers the best Music Business-related degrees.

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O que eu disse foi outra coisa- se pegamos na versão do espanhol- temos duas mortes. E a da secretária, pela forma como é descrita, apenas serviria para inferir que não houve qualquer escrúpulo.Portanto, se as mesmas pessoas fazem uma coisa a uma que nem é ameaça e nunca o foi, não vejo qual o prurido das mesmíssimas pessoas, na mesmíssima circunstância o fazerem a quem era.

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Kia ora Bob, Reading this makes me a bit homesick, having lived in St. Paul for 5 years, and spending a fair bit of time up in Ely, and the Boundary Waters. I can think of a few Irish pubs I wouldn't mind sharing a few with you in St. Paul :) - A great adventure you had here as well Bob and I am sure it will be wonderful to reunite with these old mates. I recall your telling me of getting many of those dogs to Minnesota with a bit of creative financial work. Travel safe and have a great time e hoa.Cheers,Robb

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Comme disait Coluche, « La bonne taille, c’est quand on les pieds qui touchent par terre ». Mais il n’avait pas de potager à bêcher, lui!

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I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your blog and check again here regularly. I am quite sure I will learn a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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Jen - I still cannot believe you live in Japan. I am so glad you both made it there safely and very excited that you put this together for everyone. And really, could you take more amazing pics? Hi Emma!

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Wat een heerlijke dag op het land en om het huis heb je gehad. Leuk die zwaluwen, ben benieuwd. Mooie stofjes heb je uitgezocht voor de huisjes.

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Snowysoso, If you are the cashier, would you have helped out? If you do, a likely scenario is that you would ended up like the chef, losing your job. If you could have explained the scenario to the manager so that he doesn't get fired, chances are the chef wouldn't even have been fired in the first place. Obviously the manager just wants to warn everyone else that it is 100% (customers are always right). The chef is just a poor scapegoat.

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