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There was this guy who believed very much in true love and decided to take his time to wait for his right girl to appear. You may painfully regret, only to realise that it is too late.

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That kind of thinking shows you're on top of your game

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Det er bare super hyggeligt at mødes med andre af samme slags som en selv! -også selvom man ikke kender dem rigtigt i forvejen. Det ser ud til at have været en rigtig dejlig dag!

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Ca existe ma belle …t’en fais pas…A un moment donné ,ca va t’arriver….En passant,je penses pas que t’es si tortue….Avec ce que t’as connu ,tu fais quand meme bien de proteger….Anyway quand un gars t’interresse ,t’es meme prete a faire un move c’est bon ca !

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Out with the old and in with the new! My Christmas present to myself this year is to start to get control back over my life. My Christmas present to myself next year will be a debt-free life!!!! Bring it on!

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Apro una parentesi sulla faccenda della sincronizzazione.Credo che sia Apple che Microsoft non avessero alcun interesse che l'utente (smanettone o bimbominkia che fosse) ficcasse nei loro telefoni tutto quello che voleva, per parecchi buoni motivi.Diciamo che è il loro modo di "pararsi" il posteriore legalmente... ;)Per il resto, sono perfettamente concorde con te.

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How about Notre Dame with minarets instead, and a headline like "Paris year ####" ?At the bottom could be some supporting statistics, like "2 out of 5 newborns are muslim" and "##% of French muslims support sharia" (does such a statistic exist ?).Why not also devote a month to the Hagia Sophia ?

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Wow, I love the angle of that photo. I feel like it was taken as you were doing a flip over the granola. I'd flip if I had granola and such super attractive flooring!

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Na ja, da das noch nicht für Linux geplant ist (auf der Agenda haben kann man ja vieles), ist das für mich eher uninteressant. Aber Linux hat ja schon genug Gestensteuerung z.B. mit Webcams.

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I've made that observation before about other centuries old pristine manuscripts and it has been pointed out to me that something like this might well be so venerated that it doesn't see the light of day as much as one might imagine. Being a closed book means it's protected. I'm NOT saying I disagree with you by the way : just that I've been convinced by smarter people that it's perhaps more complicated than we might think ;- )

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J’ai du mal a comprendre la carte: c’est face-book ou Myspace qui domine aux EUA? (Quelle idee de les mettre tous les deux en bleu surtout que la carte n’utilise pas de vert.) Etant sur Myspace, Bebo et Facebook, le meilleur c’est Myspace et de loin: facebook est beaucoup trop rigide. Le seul pbs de Myspace est le spamming en masse.

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Merci d'etre passé sur mon blog et de m'avoir prevenu de cette articleIl est tres bien fais et repasse qd tu veux!! Il faut soutenir Janelle on Bad Boy Record

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