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amigao um pergunta porque nao deu a spoertv os jogos do benfica em casa da pre epoca e deu no canal 1 deram mais ou os porcos nao quiseram oyu o benfica mandou os fo...er. gostava de saber joaquim pereira abraço

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There is this book: “Saints Behaving Badly: The Cutthroats, Crooks, Trollops, Con Men, and Devil-Worshippers Who Became Saints .”by Thomas J. Craughwell that I may get.I’m not even half as bad, and I’m not planning on becoming “badder”( worse:) so hey , maybe I have a chance.

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Tack för allt Adam. Kommer minnas ditt goa spel på högerkanten med Sella, hur viktiga ni var för oss. Lycka till i nästa klubb!

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Do firefox można jeszcze doinstalować … i nie trzeba analizować kodu strony by osiÄ…gnąć tego typu efekty. O ile z facebook nie korzystam, to zrobiÅ‚em podobny efekt na nk (korzystam tylko dlatego że czasami trzeba coÅ› przeczytać na forum klasy).

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You asked for some input on your first post.This was an interesting read. Even if I do or do not agree with all the basketball points you made, your style was engaging and the research you did on a few players on the end of the bench was intriguing.I would suggest breaking up those long paragraphs and tightening them up to be about a main point, because it can get fatiguing reading long boxy blocks of text.Otherwise, I would have never guessed you hadn’t written about the Lakers before on this blog.

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Further clarification:Note that the original document on Rutstein site does not say "a single shot". It just describes the wounds treated by Dr Gutman, without linking them to specific shots.(sorry, the deleted post above is due to PIMF)

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I find it interesting that highly disorganized people sometimes don’t realize they might actually be perfectionists, waiting for perfection to happen. You used the right term: paralyzing. Knowing that perfectionism leads to paralyzation can help some people “settle” for good enough when they are actually living in chaos.

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